"Heartbeats only happen⁠ one at a time, one at a time⁠

You can't rush a moment so⁠ don't even try, don't even try⁠

There's a symphony you're missing⁠

If you only listen you'll find...⁠

Big magic in the mundane⁠

The big picture in a small frame⁠

Everything is sacred when you take time to notice⁠

Big love happens in the small moments"⁠

- JJ Heller

Look out for your small moments this day⁠

See the big love in them...⁠

There is magic in the mundane⁠

There is beauty in the ordinary⁠

Sacredness exist in everything⁠

you hold dear...⁠

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Updated: Dec 19, 2020

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在以前,拍写真照,总是只会发生在人生的重要时刻,比如新婚,比如新生。 但是近年来,国内迸发出了一批摄影工作室,让‘拍写真’的门槛变得更低;让留存美好的瞬间变得容易;让回忆变得更加具体。 心情好的时候可以拍;有了萌宠也可以拍;家里添了新成员更可以拍! 但是在新加坡,没有*马体,没有*真蓝 ,更没有满电梯吵吵闹闹的*爵旅拍。 但是我们有Momo Studio啊!Momo Studio新加坡本地一家专注拍摄家庭、宠物、新生儿等关系题材的摄影工作室。 不同于传统的模式,Momo Studio更倾向于抓拍。不强凹造型,在你们互动的时候,捕捉到最动人的那一瞬间。