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Congratulations to the class of 2024! Reaching this milestone is an incredible accomplishment and what better way to celebrate it than to capture this joyous moment with your pets! If they've been there accompanying you through late-night study sessions and stressful times, why not include them in your graduation photoshoot to commemorate those special times together?

Here's a simple list of tips to help you get ready for a fun and memorable photoshoot with your fur-buddies 🐾


1.  Communicate with your Photographer

Chatting with your photographer before the photoshoot is super important to make sure your session goes smoothly!

We love to get to know you, your family and your pets, what your personalities are like, do your pets have any quirks, are they playful, shy, or full of energy?

Whether you're into candid action shots or posed portraits, hashing out these details in advance gets us on the same page! Feel free to spill any ideas, worries, or preferences you have with your photographer (me!).

Not only do we want to create beautiful photos for you, but also a fun and memorable experience :)

2. Bring Essential Supplies

When preparing for a photoshoot with your furry friend, it's important to consider their comfort and well-being for a comfortable and stress-free photoshoot session.

Don't forget to bring along their favourite treats or toys! Whatever your furry friend would need to help them feel at ease, especially if they need to get used to a new environment (our studio!).

We welcome you to come earlier if your pet needs some warm-up time, or go for a short walk nearby the studio to spend some of their energy if they're more excitable in a new place!

3.  Bring along props and accessories

It's a graduation photoshoot, we need grad gowns and mortar boards!

When preparing for your pet photoshoot, don't forget to bring along your fluffy friend's beloved toy, a snuggly blanket, or even some graduation themed items to dress them up in. You can also make use of ours! We have those mini mortar boards in the studio for your pets too 🎓 And if you need graduation gowns, we have a selection available as well 🧑🏻‍🎓

These small details make your photoshoot memorable and add that little touch of uniqueness to your photos with your family and beloved pet 🐾

If you're someone who likes pet accessories, feel free to bring them along!

4. Relax and Have Fun

Remember to have a good time and enjoy the moment with your family and pet! Being calm and relaxed will make your pet feel at ease. The best photos usually come from natural smiles and real interactions, so just have fun and enjoy the moment! I'll guide you along throughout the photoshoot and you don't have to worry about what to do, where to stand, how to sit, none of these!

5. Hire a Pet-Friendly Photographer

What if, my pet can't sit still? My pet doesn't like to look at the camera! My pet is a little bit shy!

We hear you! AND don't worry! We have experience working with pets of all personalities and have handled different situations and adapt to them to still GET YOU THOSE beautiful photos 🥳

Don't just take our word from it, hear from our past clients too:

"Photographer Yong En made us feel very welcome and comfortable the moment we entered the studio, she is very easygoing and good with our dog (which speaks a lot since Xiao Bai takes a while to warm up to strangers). There is no awkwardness in front of camera and the photos turned out nicely captured, evident of Yong En’s ability to capture our emotions and candid moments. Amazing experience. Highly recommended!" - Melanie Pang

"Yong is professional and engaging during the photoshoot. One of our my pups were hyperactive due to new environment and the toys used to capture their attention. Despite of my uncooperative pup, Yong still managed to capture beautiful shots of us. I’m amazed by her professionalism and skills. Thanks Yong, for your your hard work and dedication for making our very first photoshoot session an enjoyable one! 😍" - Phyllis

"Had a great time with our family shoot, thanks to Momo Studio. Our dog is not the easiest to take pictures of as he's quite reactive but Yong, our photographer, was extremely patient and engaging with him. Highly recommend this studio for pet friendly family pics that will last a lifetime :)" - Nikita Jacob

"The key is not to prioritise what's on your schedule but to schedule your priorities!" - Stephen Covey

We love for our clients to display their favourite photos at home, don't hide them away in your digital storage!

Here's to getting you started on having physical keepsake displayed at home :) We're including this petite float frame complimentary when you book your photoshoot early with us!

Have a chat with us to find out more!

Updated: 3 days ago

Il est la star de la famille, le sait et prend volontiers la pose. Vous aussi d’ailleurs ! Yong En, honorée par la "Master Photographers Association (UK)" photographie tous les êtres vivants ! Elle excelle dans la prise de portraits de famille avec leur(s) compagnons. Patiente et douce, grâce à son expérience, elle met en confiance humains et canins. Elle prend le temps nécessaire pour appréhender la personnalité des uns et des autres, s’adapte aux comportements des animaux. Elle capture expressions et émotions de façon tellement remarquable que l’on perçoit même les similarités des toutous avec leurs maitres ! Clic, Clac une jolie photo avec Chouchou ?

Click HERE to read the article.

She started work as a newborn baby photographer in 2012 and set up Momo Studio in 2018 specialising in pet photography.

Before long, Ms Tay Yong En, 32, had combined her expertise and given birth to a new sub-genre – newborn puppy photography.

The opportunity arose in 2020, when client Stephanie Davira's dog gave birth to two male pups. The mini dachshund siblings were 1 1/2 months old during the shoot.

Ms Tay says: "I've always been on the lookout for what's new, and newborn pet photography is some­thing I noticed first from photos online. It is not common in Singa­pore and I was curious and wanted to give it a shot."

"It was a really fun idea for me to create these new images even if they are for myself as a photographer, as I can get creative and step out of my comfort zone."

She admits that she has done only a couple of shoots as the trend is still "very new". "I feel people don't know about this, so when I get inquiries for very young puppies, I would suggest including this set of photos together with the usual. They generally welcome the idea."

Pups can be photographed from as early as two weeks to two months old. Prices start at $150, but can run up to $1,500.

For Ms Tay, documenting the start-of-life milestone and wel­coming a new member into the family are no different when it comes to humans and canines - especially as many pet owners treat their furkids like their flesh and blood.

The styling is also similar, as are the challenges of time management.

She says: "As much as we have to be patient with the process, we don't want to drag out the photo shoot time as it's tiring for the parents and owners too.

"For newborns, we aim for two hours and to achieve at least 50 images for clients."

She notices that puppies are more "knocked out" and sleepy during shoots than their human counterparts.

Her proudest achievement? Managing to get five out of six husky pups asleep in a crate for some shots.

Ms Davira, a 23-year-old student, previously had her three adult dachshunds photographed at Momo Studio in 2019 and realised the puppy period flies by.

"So just before the (pups) were born, I promised myself I would take as many photos of them as possible."

At the end of last year, Ms Davira did her third and final shoot at Momo Studio - featuring the grown-up pups and their parents - before they moved to Jakarta, Indonesia.

She says: "The photos we brought back with us are one of my most cherished things from our time in Singapore."

Click HERE to read the article and HERE to view it on Instagram.

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