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Momo Studio Photographer, Yong and Momo

Tay Yong En

Hello hello hello

I’m your friendly but sometimes awkward person, but I would like to get to know you and your little babes and be a friend :D

Sometimes I laugh too much, and I think I do it so well, I can laugh on cue - sooo I can cue your kids to laugh with me 😏😏😏 
(Some of them did nicknamed me “ha-ha jie jie” AND I LOVE IT + it’s super funny.)

Photography started in 2007, and my story is, I really started from “level 1” - carrying photographers’ bag(S)…

(it’s been a journey 😆)

Fast forward to 2014, my photos were judged at a panel and I was awarded the Distinction of Licentiateship in the category of Portrait by the Master Photographers Association *yay*

More than 400 newborns to date? Honestly I lost count… At one of those busy periods, I did 10 newborn photoshoots a week (help me do the math!)

Momo Studio started in 2018 and it's named after my doggy, Momo!

Care - from all that I am within to all I put my hands to do, that’s my principle. It’s important to me, being attentive to the nitty-gritty but also not losing sight of the big picture (literally too!)

Believing deeply in communication, creativity and collaboration, I love to work with you to create what you envision for yourself and for your family.

Say hi, drop me a text below, call or email me! 

I’ll love to chat 🧡🙆🏻‍♀️



+65 88070896



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