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We are honoured to be featured in Singapore's Finest Services website of being the top 10 finest photo studios in Singapore.

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Updated: Dec 19, 2020

Special thanks to 新加坡美食网 for the feature on 小红书 ! :) Click HERE to read the full article.

在以前,拍写真照,总是只会发生在人生的重要时刻,比如新婚,比如新生。 但是近年来,国内迸发出了一批摄影工作室,让‘拍写真’的门槛变得更低;让留存美好的瞬间变得容易;让回忆变得更加具体。 心情好的时候可以拍;有了萌宠也可以拍;家里添了新成员更可以拍! 但是在新加坡,没有*马体,没有*真蓝 ,更没有满电梯吵吵闹闹的*爵旅拍。 但是我们有Momo Studio啊!Momo Studio新加坡本地一家专注拍摄家庭、宠物、新生儿等关系题材的摄影工作室。 不同于传统的模式,Momo Studio更倾向于抓拍。不强凹造型,在你们互动的时候,捕捉到最动人的那一瞬间。

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Newborn studio photoshoot

Just when you think you know love, something little comes along to remind you just how big it really is 💜... when a baby is born, a mummy and daddy are born too, and all of us are just as new in the journey together!

"Every rose was once a bud, one small raindrop starts a flood. Acorns planted in the mud will grow you know..." Your little baby will soon grow up, and each day is made up of all these little moments.

Smiling baby professional portrait

Let us remember our miracle of life. Reach out to us at or +65 88070896 for your newborn photography bookings. (P.S. Newborn photoshoots are best done when baby is 6-10 days! Most clients pre-booked before baby arrives, those first 2 weeks will pass before you know it!)

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